Putting on our thinking caps

Its that time of year again!  We’ve been a little slower in the Pub and have been able to catch up on our flagship beer inventory.  This means we have more time to develop our craft beer portfolio and try some new and delicious recipes.  Within the next few weeks we plan to try a wide spectrum of beer styles. 

What’s on deck?  We plan to try a few historic traditional styles influenced by the sweet and velvety Belgian Dubbel.  On the other side of the craft beer spectrum, we are excited to begin working on a brew that uses the naturally sweet and hearty flavor of locally grown beets.  Not crazy, just uncharted waters.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook Page to stay updated on our new-brew progress.  Cheers!  

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We’re bottling!  Over the past few weeks we have been incredibly busy starting to bottle some of our favorite beers.  We currently have BWB Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout, Hidden Rabbit Hefeweizen, and the High Step Weizenbock, in bottles.   Towards the end of the week we will also have our Pirate Eye IPA available for purchase in bottles.  Now you can take a bottle of your favorite brew to share with friends and family!  Its hard to find a better present!  All varieties are for sale out of the pub during business hours or check out the website for a comprehensive map of all locations that carry BWB beer!

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Summer is here!

We all know it, these last few days of heat have been brutal.  We take it as our personal responsibility to provide you with the tastiest brews to keep you refreshed through out the beautiful Ithaca summer.  This week we’ll be starting to brew the Watermelon Wheat,  a light and refreshing beer brewed with real watermelons.  We should be ready to pour this one towards the end of June, keep your eyes on our Facebook page and website for the exact release date. 

Have any suggestions for beers you’d like to see us try?  Let us know via the website, Facebook page, or the comment section on our blog.  We’re here to brew for you!  Cheers

New Brews!

What’s going on inside the Bandwagon Brewery??

We’ve finally caught up and filled all of our fermenters to the brim to get ready for the graduation season and our new bottling production.  Now that the fermenters are full, we can start to experiment with some fun brews. 

This week we resurrected an old favorite from the past known as the “Livin’s Easy Pale Ale.”  This is a refreshing American Pale Ale brewed with a blend of  Centennial, Horizon, and Cascade hops.  What makes it fun?  We added fresh lemon grass during the boil to get an especially citrusy and delicious twist. 

We also tried something completely new that we named “The Trifecta.”   We started out this insane brew day with two batches of the Hidden Rabbit and one batch of the Highstep, then, in the late hours of the night we combined the spent grain from all three batches, and conducted a historic brewing technique known as “parti-gyle brewing.”  In this process, wort is extracted from the spent grain of a previous batch of beer to create a lighter beer.  Think of re-using a tea bag for a second cup of tea.  We lightly hopped this beer and added sweet orange peel during the whirlpool for a subtly sweet and fruity flavor.   Check out this link for a more in depth description of Pati-gyle brewing.

Check out the website and our Facebook page for the release dates on these brews!!  Cheers Ithaca

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Sweet Summer Time

Its hot, really hot.  And Muggy.  Fear not!  We’re here to help you beat the summer heat.  Whats better than watermelon on a hot summer’s day?  Watermelon Beer?  YES!  We’re the only place in town to get it!  We start with a slightly sweet and light base beer and then add real pureed watermelon to the fermenter.  The result is a delicious and refreshing watermelon flavor.  If you ask nicely our wonderful bartenders might even add in a few seeds so you can challenge your buddy to a seed spitting contest!

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So Long Winter, Hello Cabin Fever

Its that time of year again, winter begins to wind down, and we start gettin’ that itch for spring. In order to help you cope, we’re brewing our Cabin Fever Maple Porter.  A Robust Porter, brewed with local maple syrup.  We will be tapping it within the next few weeks!

Blend of Crystal, Chocolate, and Smoked malts for our Cabin Fever Maple Porter

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BWB Winter Brews

In an on going effort to fight Cabin Fever, we will soon be releasing a few new and seasonal beers.  Frosty’s Winter Ale will be on tap soon to warm you up with its spices and hint of vanilla bean.  Make sure to stop in to try Hoity Toity Stout, a robust American stout that is naturally carbonated with brown sugar to give it a slightly sweeter taste.  Last but not least:  We will be tapping four new Red Ales that range from malty to hoppy.  Let us know what you think of them!  Cheers!!

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Its Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout Season!!

American Stout meets ogranic peanut butter and cocoa nibs! We’ve got nothing else to say about this one except: Come give it a try!

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New Brews!!!

Stop by the pub to try two of our newest beers!  We are currently pouring the Red Rooster Espresso Stout, a malty American Stout brewed with Red Rooster Espresso from Ithaca Coffee Company.  We will also have the “Rooster-Wagon Belgian Agave” on tap periodically throughout the fall.  This Belgian Ale is a collaboration between the Bandwagon and the great brewers at Rooster Fish Brewing. This brew features a subtly sweet malt character which is enhanced by Raw Agave Nectar which we added to the secondary.   Stop down and give both these brews a shot, we’ll see you at the pub.  Cheers!

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